My customization doesn't look right, how do I fix this?

The most common mis-step in setting up or editing customizations is not "editing" your photo or logo with the built in editing tools. If you upload an image that's too large for the space and don't reduce it with the editor, it will skew the page.

Click on the upload photo or logo buttons and use the up/down arrow keys to size and crop your image and then click "SAVE."

The text in my customization is overlapped, how can I fix this?

When you click the "edit" button on your individual or co-brand set up pages, you will see black lined boxes that appear within each text line. These denote the space available for each line. If the text that you enter runs past the right edge of the box, it will run over to the next line.

Use the "T" button (text editor) to reduce the font size and/or shorten your text so that it fits within the black box. Then click "SAVE" and your problem will be solved.

How do I add the newest video to my video player page?

Click the "Video" tab in your navigation bar and then scroll all the way down to the "Video Controls" section. Click the check box next to the video you want to add and then click the "OK" button in the pop up box that will appear. If the video doesn't appear right away, simply refresh the page or cycle between video categories.

Can I post a video in my blog or elsewhere?

Yes, there are two ways of doing this. Either use the "copy link" button below the video screen and past that wherever you like or click the "Embed Code" button and paste that into your blog editor.

Can I edit the PowerPoint Files after downloading them?

Yes you can. These are completely open files and you are welcome to edit or amend them as you please.

When are the new charts coming out?

Much of the data used in the charts is not available until the end of March each year. As soon as it's released, we get to work incorporating it and strive to have the new charts worked up, proofed, printed and then delivered by late April.

Where do I get the most up to date market information?

Use the "Regional/MSA Charts" page. This data is updated every quarter. The data is first released about two months after the end of the quarter and is then posted in this site immediately after.

How do I add a Co-Brand Record?

This entire page has been re-designed to break the process into 3 main steps. Follow those steps and the system will prompt you if you stray from the correct course.

A few helpful things to know:

Keep the text within the black outlines that will appear in the text entry fields. Use the "T" button to edit your text size where needed.

Always start with the largest JPEG or GIF photo or Logo and use the editors to shrink and crop them to your liking.

If you will set up multiple agents from one office, set up an office record first with that logo and address - you can then use that record to create each new one and not have to re-type the address or upload the logo each time.

Once a logo is used, it can be accessed directly from the server so you only need to upload them once - use the "Browse" from server button to select these within the logo editing tool.

I have a question that's not listed?

Send us an email at info@estateofmindinc.com or call 866-993-5550