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3rd May 2017 Site has been utterly destroyed by some old fellow called Dxtroyer

Hey all,

Just wanted to let you know that this is NOT your boss, it's some guy named Dxtroyer. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Hack you later!

4th Apr 2016 Map Page Updated through end of year 2015

Updates are now complete for the 4th quarter of 2015 on the Map Page. All periodic rates of appreciation are now reflecting numbers through the end of 2015.

27th Aug 2015 Map Page

The Map Page has been updated with the latest appreciation figures through the second quarter of 2015.

19th May 2015 MSA Charts have been updated for the year.

Use these to evidence appreciation and HPI index movement along with periodic performance for your local Metro area.

15th May 2015 Wall and Desk Charts

Based on many requests we've had over the years for customization of the Wall and Desk Charts, this year we're going to give this a shot. Instead of printed charts, we are providing print ready PDF's of the Wall and Desk Charts with your business card image (or anything else you want to put in that space). All you have to do is provide a scanned image of your card or other copy and we'll have the custom graphic work done for you then deliver the print ready file. Just shoot the file and message to info@estateofmindinc.com  Thanks!

23rd Apr 2015 State Charts

New State Charts are now complete for 2014.

19th Apr 2015 Map Page

The Map Page has been updated for the fourth quarter and full year of 2014.

16th Apr 2015 4th Quarter 2014

Use these to evidence appreciation from state to state.

28th Nov 2014 Map Page Updated

The Map Page has been updated for the third quarter of 2014.

5th Sep 2014 2nd Quarter 2014

Use this to illustrate the rates of appreciation for each state in the country over various periods.

3rd Sep 2014 Map Page Updated

Updates for the second quarter of 2014 are now current on the map page.

30th May 2014 Income vs. Home Prices

This is good information to share with prospects and clients to show them that the income multiple relative to home prices is below where it's been historically.

30th May 2014 1st Quarter 2014

Use this to provide an update of current and historical price appreciation state by state.

29th May 2014 Map Page Updated

The Map Page has been updated for the 1st quarter of 2014

29th May 2014 Regional/MSA page updated

The Regional/MSA Chart page has been updated through the 1st Quarter of 2014

25th May 2014 Home Values and Inflation

Track the progression of home values relative to the pace of where they would be if they only rose at the rate of inflation.

25th May 2014 Net Monthly Benefits

Use this to evidence the historical monthly benefits of owning a home at various value points.

13th May 2014 Housing Inventory

Use this to evidence the recent and past level of homes for sale.

13th May 2014 Housing Demand

Use this to evidence the demographics that drive housing over time.

13th May 2014 Payments vs. Income

Use this to evidence affordability today vs. what it's been over the last several decades.

13th May 2014 Appreciation 2014

Use to evidence the return to positive appreciation and the relative rarity of the prior national decline in values.

9th Apr 2014 MSA Chart Page Updates are complete. Over 400 MSA's available.

More local area insight to share with your clients and referral partners. All can be co-branded.

13th Mar 2014 New State Chart Updates

The new State Charts through 2013 are now live. Find these under the Charts tab on your site. These are now interactive and can be shared as a single web page along with many other distribution options.

6th Mar 2014 4th Quarter Update 2013

Use this to provide updated appreciation figures for every state or just yours.

5th Mar 2014 Map Page Updated

The Map Page numbers have been updated through the end of 2013.

26th Feb 2014 Regional/MSA page updated for the 4th Quarter of 2013

End of year stats now included on the Regional/MSA chart page

18th Jan 2014 Will "QM" Kill the Housing Recovery?

There's a lot of mis-information out there about "QM", this short video was made to help you quickly educate your agents, prospects and clients.

9th Jan 2014 Still Underwater

Once you personally understand the benefit that can be had by using a principal infusion to enable refinancing, and this is made clear by using the "cash in refi" calculator on MyCalx, then you are prepared to offer prospects comprehensive analysis that will even pass muster with their CPA or Financial Planner.

9th Jan 2014 Property Insurance

A quick piece to make it clear why homeowner's insurance is a necessary component when financing real property.

9th Jan 2014 Mortgage Insurance Freedom

While rates have risen so too have values. Let your clients know that just as much can be saved by eliminating MI/PMI as would be enabled by a lower rate.

9th Jan 2014 A House Divided

It's unfortunate when it happens but it happens often. Be sure that divorcing clients know what's involved to absolve themselves of the obligation on their loan(s).

9th Jan 2014 Rising Rates, Rising Prices

Make sure your prospects know that the double impact of rising rates and prices can sap affordability ever more quickly.

1st Jan 2014 Approved

Use this to deliver the news that everyone loves to hear.

1st Jan 2014 More than Just One Choice

There are lots of decisions to make when choosing a loan. One of the best decisions one can make is to choose not just a loan, but a plan. Share this flyer and that message.

1st Jan 2014 Prices have Risen Once Again

Let your prospects know that your insight has proved valuable over and over in the past because rational analysis will prevail vs. hype or senstationalism every time.

1st Jan 2014 Decision Making on the Road to Home

We all know that borrowers will encounter the need to make many decisions along the way to closing. This piece is designed to let them know that you're ready, willing and able to help.

1st Jan 2014 Home Inspection

It's confidence inspiring to let your clients and prospects know that you have their best interests in mind and making it clear that an engineer's inspection is a good idea is a great way to achieve that.

30th Dec 2013 Ready to Make a Move

Use this as part of a marketing campaign to renters looking to become buyers.

30th Dec 2013 Quality Mortgage

QM is now a reality and while the impact is probably nothing worse than what we've already contended with, clients need to know that too.

30th Dec 2013 The HUD-1

The last document your borrowers typically see and sign is the HUD 1. This is a simple introduction so they'll know what to expect.

30th Dec 2013 Rising Prices, Lower FHA Loan Amounts

It's not necessarily good news but your prospects need to be informed if they are dependent on a small downpayment typical of an FHA loan.

24th Dec 2013 Will "QM" Kill the Housing Recovery?

QM and the ATR rule are in effect as of January 10th, 2014. While they might sound scary, it will  pay to know what impact they may really have. This is a good learn and share piece for your prospects.

4th Dec 2013 3rd Quarter 2013

Use this to provide a broad market update to prospects and partners

29th Nov 2013 Regional/MSA page updated 3rd Quarter 2013

The latest quarterly figures for the regions and MSA's have been updated. This is under the "Chart" tab on your site and then the "Regional/MSA" sub tab. These are great to share with your current prospects to evidence that prices are still on the rise.

26th Nov 2013 Map Page Updated

The new Map Page has been updated with the latest quarterly figures just released today by the FHFA. The update to your page is automatic and the map now reflects the latest figures through the 3rd quarter of 2013.

30th Oct 2013 Beware of Online Values

Almost all shoppers start their search on the net and invariably, they'll end up on one of the popular valuation sites. We all know how misleading these can be, they should too.

28th Oct 2013 Ready to Push the Button

Sometimes a direct question and call to action are all that's needed to get a prospect to engage. This piece is designed to help achieve that.

28th Oct 2013 Thank You

Just a simple thank you note to use post closing.

28th Oct 2013 R.E.O.

This can be used anytime you're working with someone that may be interested in bank owned properties.

28th Oct 2013 Rates

Borrowers sometimes get singularly focused on interest rates. Use this to help them understand that while that's important, it's only one factor in the equation of the costs and benefits of owning.

28th Oct 2013 The Money Tree

It's tough sometimes to fight against the media mis-information about mortgage money being either in short supply or hard to obtain. This is a light-hearted piece about setting the record straight there.

24th Oct 2013 Brand New Feature - The Map Page

This is something entirely new. Basically, it's a dynamic/online version of the US Map Chart and Quarterly Reports that you know. You can scroll over the period buttons (quarterly, yearly, etc.) and the map will change to reflect price moves for each state. You can output this as a single customized web page by using the web link icon along with all the usual print, PDF, email and social media functions. We will also be adding even more functionality to this to include some dynamic graphing and it will also become the interface to access the new version of the state charts (coming soon). Enjoy and let us know what you think. Thanks.

13th Oct 2013 Regional/MSA page updated

The 2nd Quarter figures are now uploaded. There was a very nice jump in the national median and some really amazing jumps in local MSA's. For those of you that have been sharing your data for years now and through the "bust" years, you can now share the fact that your education and predictions have all come to pass.

13th Oct 2013 The 203K Streamline Refi

The streamline "K" can be a great solution to making home improvements when equity is in short supply. It may even be a way of refinancing what might be an otherwise underwater home that's not eligible for the HARP.

13th Oct 2013 Better Ways to Pay

Another piece designed for use with clients or prospects that are considering home improvements and wondering how to pay for them. It's an introduction to using the FHA 203K streamline refi.

13th Oct 2013 Improving Your Home

This is a good piece to use as part of a post close follow up campaign and to even co-brand with any home improvement contractors that you know or work with.

3rd Oct 2013 Content update sent today

An update to EOM content was sent today. We are posting this here to create a marker so that any content notices posted here after this message can be readily identified as new.

3rd Oct 2013 New Video Page

A new video page has been added. Completely re-styled and now with more features. You can send just one video link via email or social media or send with the video icon included to access the full list. More categories have been added and these will be filled out going forward. The existing page will be left up until testing on the new page is complete. Please let us know if you experience any issues so they can be addressed right away.

3rd Oct 2013 Government Shutdown

Here's a timely new flyer that can help you with in-process clients regarding the potential impact of the government shutdown.

17th Sep 2013 Is Your Equity Locked Up?

A new Mortgage Planning flyer to help your clients understand that having too much equity in their home can be a problem if they reach a point at which they need it back and the timing is less than ideal.

17th Sep 2013 LLPA's

Rate shoppers need to know about LLPA's so they don't just blindly accept what they hear or see when rates are quoted generically. Category = Loan Mechanics

17th Sep 2013 Got Questions?

Use this as part of a drip campaign or general follow up piece to let your prospects know that you are there for their questions.

17th Sep 2013 Agency Jumbo

Here's a new flyer to help you get the word out that agency jumbo limits may be cut again soon. Category = Timely

15th Sep 2013 HELOC

Use this to inform clients about equity line pros and cons. Category = Loan Programs

15th Sep 2013 Nervous about Rising Rates?

Rising rates doesn't have to strike fear into those that have yet to make their move. They just need to know what this is a reflection of.

15th Sep 2013 MLS

Use this to let clients or prospects know how the MLS can help them.

15th Sep 2013 Whenever You Need...

Use this as a follow up piece to remind clients that you are here to help. Category = 1st Time Buyers

1st Sep 2013 Home Equity Conversion Mortgage

Reverse Mortgages are likely to become more and more popular as aging boomers with insufficient retirement assets look for ways to perpetuate their lifestyle. Use these reverse pieces to educate prospects about the possibilities and potential benefits. Category = Loan Programs

1st Sep 2013 Smoke Detectors

Twice a year when clocks are changed is a great time to also test or change batteries in your smoke detectors. Remind your past clients of this too.

1st Sep 2013 Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance

LPMI can be a good option in certain situations. Use this flyer to let your clients know it exists and that you'll be ready to show them how it compares to borrower paid options.

1st Sep 2013 Last Will and Testament

If you find yourself in need of a parachute but didn't strap one on before then, it's too late. It's the same for a will. Be sure your clients are protected today. Category = Mortgage Planning.

31st Aug 2013 G Fee

There's more than one reason why rates have been rising and G Fees are one of them. Share this with your clients to help them learn about the factors impacting rates and why they may continue rising. This flyer is in the Interest Rates Category.

31st Aug 2013 GFE

This is another in the acronym series and is best used as part of an ongoing drip campaign to educate borrowers. Of course, this one can also be delivered with a borrowers actual GFE so they can begin to understand it.This flyer can be found in the Loan Mechanics category.

25th Aug 2013 2nd Quarter 2013

Use this as a regular quarterly mailing to your agents, clients and prospects. It demonstrates that the generic or consolidated information often heard on the news is not always applicable to one's own state.

7th Aug 2013 Back to the Future?

Use this to mitigate any fear that rising rates will kill the housing recovery. It's never taken rates at 3.5% to create robust markets in the past and neither will the market be dependent on that going forward. This is in the Interest Rates category.

7th Aug 2013 How Deep is Your Well?

This is designed to be used as part of a mortgage planning educational campaign. It hints at the main theme of planning which is to remain liquid, safe and ready to take advantage of opportunities. This is in the Mortgage Planning Category.

7th Aug 2013 Collaboration

Use this as part of your educational or in process campaigns to let your clients know that there's more to the process than typically meets their eyes but at the same time, you have it all under control.This can be found in the General Education category.

4th Aug 2013 Loan to Value

This can be found in the Loan Mechanics category on your new flyer page. This is best used as part of an educational drip campaign for prospects or those that have just started the application process.

4th Aug 2013 The Refi Process

Share this early with your refi clients so they have a quick and simple overview of what to expect.

4th Aug 2013 Home Prices Climbing Out of Reach?

You will find this in the First Time Buyer Category on the New Flyer Page. Use this to help educate prospective first time buyers that there are ways to get into the market using low down payment options vs. getting priced out while trying to save.

4th Aug 2013 FICO

Found in the Credit category on your new flyer page. Use this as part of an educational series for both first time buyers and those that need to work on their credit.

4th Aug 2013 What is PMI?

Great to use whenever you're working with first time buyers, anyone convinced they can only buy with 20% down or those that will be needing PMI. You'll find this in the Loan Mechanics category.

2nd Oct 2012 Home Affordability

Show your prospects that even with prices and rates on the rise that affordability is only just off the best levels seen in the last 50 years.